Private Message or Live Video Call with Lyssa!

Private Message or Live Video Call with Lyssa!

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Now is your chance to get a personal pre-recorded message or LIVE Instagram/Zoom call with Lyssa Chapman! 

1. Personalized 1-3 minute pre-recorded video. Great for Birthdays Anniversaries, Graduations and more! What an incredible and unique gift for that special Baby Lyssa fan! Who wouldn't want a shout-out from Baby Lyssa!?

2. Chat with Lyssa via Instagram Chat or Zoom! This 5 minute personal session will be your time to ask questions and learn more about your favorite reality TV star, best-selling author and businesswoman. 

*Details will be emailed to you within 72 hours after the you choose and purchase an option. Messages will be delivered via google drive link within 30 days of purchase.